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4 Coding And Decoding Questions To Prepare For All Bank Exams

Dear Reader,

Below are given Coding & Decoding questions for your practice to prepare for bank exams.

Question 1

In a certain code language, ANTICIPATION is written as ICITNANOITAP. How will be PRODUCTIVITY written in that code?


c) CUDOPRYTIVIT          d) None of these


Reason :

ANTICI becomes ICITNA similarly PRODUC becomes CUDORP

PATION becomes NOITAP Similarly TIVITY becomes YTIVIT

Question 2

If CALPFTNEM is the code for PLACEMENT how will CONFIDENT be written in that code?


c) FNOCKTNED          d) None of these

Answer : d) None of these.


PLAC/E/MENT is written as CALP/F/TNEM applying the same logic

CONF/I/DENT will be written as FNOC/J/TNED. Hence answer is d)

Question 3

Ramani and Krishna planned a game of coding and decoding. Ramani told APQON is the code for BORN and KBBLK is the code for LACK. How will Ramani code the word

a) FQHCD         b) FSHED          c) HSJED          d) FSHCD

Answer : b) FSHED.

Reason :

BORN -- is coded as APQON

LACK -- is coded as KBBLK

1st letter is moved one step ahead, 2nd letter one step forward. 3rd letter one step backward. For the last one forward and that letter is also retained.

Applying the same—GRID will be coded as FSHED.

Question 4

If ABSDG is the code for BATCH, what is the code for FORSAKE?

a) ABDGS          b) EPQTZLD         c) EQPZLTD          d) GDSBA

Answer : b) EPQTZLD


BATCH is coded as ABSDG –odd place letters move one step backward and

even place letters move one step forward. Hence FORSAKE will be coded as EPQTZLD.

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