South Indian Bank Recruitment 2017 – 25 vacancies for SPECIALIST OFFICERS – IT


Organisation Name: South Indian Bank

Job Position: Probationary Officer and Probationary Manager/Senior Manager

No of Vacancies: 25 posts
Probationary Officer – 15 Posts
Probationary Manager/Senior Manager – 10 posts

About Organisation: 
Established: 1929 in Thrissur.
Headquarters: Kerala, India

Education Qualification: 
Graduate and post graduate from recognized university.
Age: 28 years for Probationary Officer and 40 years for Probationary Manager/Senior Manager.
Age relaxation:
SC/ST – 5 years

Important Dates:
Starting date to Apply online : 22/03/2017
Last Date to Apply online: 31/03/2017
Last date for remitting application fee: 04/04/2017

How to Apply: 
Apply online through the website:

Canara Bank Recruitment 2017 for 101 Specialist Officer Posts

canara bank so

Organisation Name: Canara Bank

Job Position: Specialist Officer

No of Vacancies: 101 Post

About Organisation: 
Established: 1906 in Mangalore.
Headquarters: Bangalore, India
Nationalised: In 1969

Education Qualification: 
Graduate and post graduate from recognized university.
Age: Minimum 18years as on 01/03/2017.
Age relaxation:
SC/ST – 5years
OBC – 3 years
PWD – 10years

Important Dates:
Starting date to Apply online : 15/03/2017
Last Date to Apply online: 05/04/2017

How to Apply: 
Apply online through the website:

Really? Exam Fear is Good For You


Let us all accept the fact. Everyone has faced exam fear at some point in life. You could be very nervous about your upcoming exams at the time of reading this article. This post will convey how you can overcome exam tension in a positive way.

With the increasing difficulty level of competitive exams, exam fear has become a common quality among youngsters. If you look nervous, the first advice from your friends or family would be, “hey! Stay cool”. But is staying cool that simple? Not everyone is MS Dhoni who could remain cool in the toughest of the situations. So what exactly is the solution? Accept exam fear in a positive way. So what to do next? Read on.

There are two types of fear. One is constructive while the other one will harm you. In reality, fear does not have magnitude, but your reaction to fear has.

In fact, human evolution would not have been possible without fear. If early humans didn’t fear wild animals, they would not have protected themselves, and the evolution would have ended a long time ago.

So, do not try to tamper with exam fear and do not fool yourself saying you are super cool. Instead, try to beat the fear in the proven hard way. But how? The simplest medicine (not an instant one) is work, work, and work.

Though not accurate, below is a simple illustration of how hard work will win over exam tension with time.

For example, let us say you are nervous about an exam that is upcoming in two months time. First of all, think of nervousness as your internal warning mechanism that your preparation is not sufficient. If you listen to your heart, you can even figure out the areas where you are weak. You can focus more on those weak areas first.

Work wholeheartedly and prepare well daily. As the day passes by you will realize the magic. Yes, gradually, your fear will wear off, and you will become super confident to face the exam. Your success begins there.

2 Sure Fire Ways to Easily Learn English Words

English word

Many youngsters feel that learning English words (for sections like synonyms/antonyms) is very tough. For sections like Aptitude and Reasoning, you have limited syllabus and study materials. But, you cannot expect all words that are appearing in English section from a single book.

The first problem with learning English words is that you have too many materials to study. You may be confused about which materials to choose.

The second problem is that you don’t have a clear guideline to proceed. Below are two important tips that will address both the problems.

Learn 2-3 Sentence Examples For Every Word

You may not be having sufficient time to prepare. You may be forced to learn words and direct meanings like in a dictionary. But words and direct meanings alone are not going to help you in exams. You will face two problems. First, you will forget the words quickly if you are not sure of the real use in sentences. Second, the pattern in most of the exams will carry sentences and blanks to fill. Hence, unless you know the real use of a word, you will not be able to score easy marks.

So the best method to learn words is this: Learn at least two to three sentence examples for every new word you learn. If you learn the usage of words in sentences, you will remember them a long time. Even if you forget, you will be able to revise/recollect easily.

Track/Note Your Materials So That You Can Revise Easily

We are all humans and not computers. Only computers remember everything. However you learn, you may forget few or many words as the time passes. Hence, revision is very important for mastering English words.

Ok, now you are prepared to revise. But do you track or note down the materials you have used so far for English? For sections like English (and Current Affairs), you will be using a variety of materials like books, websites, newspapers, or even English magazines. Whichever material you use, do not forget to note down the materials along with the page numbers. Within the materials (say for example, in a newspaper) use a sketch to mark the words and sentences you have learned. Store the materials you use for English in a separate rack or shelf so that you will not be searching for materials to revise later on.

Hope the above two tips will help you master lots of words and remember them for long. All the very best.

TMB Clerk Openings 2017 For 8 States


TMB (Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank) has announced openings for clerical cadre in 8 states namely,

  1. TamilNadu
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Gujarat
  4. Karnataka
  5. Kerala
  6. Maharashtra
  7. Madhya Pradesh
  8. Telangana

The maximum age for graduates is 24 years, and that of postgraduates is 26 years. There is a 2-year Relaxation for MBC/BC candidates and 5-year Relaxation for SC/ST/PH candidates.

The minimum qualifying marks for engineering graduates is 60% while for other streams it is 55%.

The application period is from 8th February to 22nd February.

Kindly visit the official TMB website for application and more details.

All the best for your exam.

SBI PO 2017: SBI Starts The Big Recruitment Of This Year


SBI has released notification for 2300+ PO vacancies for this year 2017. This news marks the commencement of big bank recruitments this year. The trend of large number of openings in banks is continuing this year too. This is great news for all aspirants.

The announcement has come out much earlier than expected. From the notification time, there are about 2 months before the exams, and hence candidates will get sufficient to prepare.

Below are important dates according to the official notification.

SBI PO Exam Exam Date
On-line registration 07-02-2017 to 06-03-2017
Preliminary Examination 29th & 30th April and 6th & 7th May, 2017
Main Examination 4th June, 2017

For more details check the careers section of official SBI website.

All the best for your exam.

Why 2017 Is A Great Year For Bank Job Aspirants?


If you are a bank job aspirant, 2017 is going to be a tremendous year for you. If you have appeared in exams in the past years, you will already be aware of the huge number of opportunities in this sector. If you are a first timer, there is no better year than 2017 to work hard and realize your dreams.

We at track various news and official reports on a regular basis. We are also constantly in touch with experts to get their opinion on potential opportunities in this sector. Last year (2016), SBI and IBPS conducted exams for over 44,000 vacancies (in clerical, PO & Other cadres). This year also looks bright for the job seekers. There are solid reasons to believe this. We will see them below.

IBPS has released tentative calendar for various exams this year. The important ones that most youngsters attend are RRB, PO and Clerical exams. They start in September, October, and November respectively. September is only a few months away if you take into account the rigorous preparation that is required for these exams. But the bright side is now you know the tentative dates, and hence you can study with confidence to make use of the opportunity. The number of vacancies is expected to be huge based on the rising demand in the workforce in the banking sector.

Regarding SBI exams, if the trend of the last year is to be believed, one can expect those exams well in advance of RRB exam (well before september). Still, we don’t have the official notification from SBI. But unlike IBPS, (based on 2016) SBI announces just 40-50 days before the exams. Hence, to prepare for SBI, do not wait for notification but start immediately.

The greatest advantage in bank exams is that the syllabus is almost the same for almost all the important exams. This will help you prepare fast and better.

2017 is going to be filled with enormous opportunities. Work hard and prepare sincerely towards your dreams. All the very best for a great 2017!

IBPS 2017: Know The Dates For Clerk & PO Exams


Dear Reader,
As you know, IBPS conducts exams for recruitments in public sector banks. Usually, the organization releases tentative calendar at the start of the year. This gesture is helping youngsters as they can start their preparation in time.

For 2017, the tentative dates have been announced.

The PO exams start on October, and Clerk exams start during November. Time runs faster than you think. Hence it is vital that you start your preparation as fast as possible. Competition is growing year after year. However, a huge number of vacancies are expected which is a big positive.

The exact dates are as follows:

IBPS PO Exam Exam Date
Preliminary Examination 07.10.2017, 08.10.2017, 14.10.2017 & 15.10.2017
Main Examination 26.11.2017
IBPS Clerk Exam Exam Date
Preliminary Examination 02.12.2017, 03.12.2017, 09.12.2017 & 10.12.2017
Main Examination 21.01.2018
IBPS RRB Exam Exam Date
Preliminary Examination Officer Scale I and Office Assistants :
09.09.2017, 10.09.2017, 16.09.2017, 17.09.2017,23.09.2017 & 24.09.2017
Single Examination Officers Scale II & III : 05.11.2017
Main Examination Officer Scale I : 05.11.2017
Office Assistants : 12.11.2017

Looking Back: Like 2016, Will 2017 Be A Great Year For Bank Vacancies?


Dear Reader,
You know India has one of the largest networks of Banks compared to other countries. Also, the recent years have seen an enormous rise in the number of openings in the banking sector.

The last year (2016) was a great year for bank job aspirants. Exams have been held for as much as 68,000+ vacancies. ( Main exams are yet to be conducted for few exams.)

Will 2017 be as Good as 2016?

According to media and many experts, 2017 is also going to be a great year for banking sector for 2 reasons:

  1. Vacancies trend do not change much on a yearly basis.
  2. A Huge push by the government to bring all of rural India into banking. Hence, there will be a huge requirement for the number of bank staff.

Hence, if you are aspiring for bank jobs in 2017, you have every reason to be happy! More vacancies mean less competition in exams!

Looking back, below is a list of exams there were held in the last year 2016. This list should give you an indicative idea of the number of vacancies you can expect this year, 2017.

Posts No. of vacancies
SBI Clerk 13734
SBI PO 2200
IBPS Clerk 19243
IBPS PO 8822
IBPS SO officer 4122
IBPS RRB 16560
RBI Assistant Post 610
Bank of Baroda SO 1039
IDBI Bank Assistant Manager 1000
Indian Bank PO 324
South Indian Bank 5
SBI SO 579

Now, that you have seen the list for 2016, you should have got a feel of the gigantic number of vacancies you can expect this year, 2017. Hence, prepare fast and do well in your exams.

Indian Bank has Released Notification for 324 Probationary Officer Posts


Indian Bank has released notification for 324 Probationary Officer Posts. Candidates who have completed Graduation Degree with minimum qualifying marks can apply online for this recruitment. The online application from 6th December to 22nd December 2016.

Indian Bank is an Indian state-owned banking and financial services organization established in 1907. Its headquarters is located at Chennai in India.

Many youngsters look forward to get jobs in banking sector. Various banks have already announced recruitment for different openings for this year. Now Indian Bank has announced Probationary Officer Exam. Online exam (Preliminary) will be conducted in 22nd January 2017.

For detailed eligibility criteria, various reservations and other information, you have to check the official website of Indian Bank.

All the very best for your exams.

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