Below this introduction, you will find links to tutorial topics. Currently, you will find 17 chapters under quantitative aptitude section, 12 topics under general reasoning, 7 topics under banking awareness, 4 topics under computer awareness and 5 topics under general awareness. We will be updating new sections as well as new topics (under sections) regularly.

Under each topic, you will find different types of problems that you can expect in exams. Sufficient examples will help you to understand clearly. At the end of each tutorial, you will find short practice test.

Quantitative Aptitude:

Reasoning Ability:

Banking Awareness:

Computer Awareness:

General Awareness:

List of Tutorials:

5 Types Of Time & Distance Problems With Detailed Solutions

Dear Reader, below you will find 5 important types of time and distance problems which you can expect in IBPS, SBI and RRB exams. At the end of the tutorial, you will find a short online practice test. This will… Read more

How To Solve 5 Types Of Percentage Problems In Bank Exams

Dear Reader, Below you will find 5 types of percentage problems you can expect in bank exams. Among these, first type is easy and straightforward. For remaining types, you have to remember certain important formulas which you will find below…. Read more

Mixture & Alligation Problems Will Not Be Difficult For You Anymore

Dear Reader, many youngsters find mixtures and allegation very difficult. But it is very easy if you understand the diagram based rule which we will see below. This tutorial will help you to prepare important 2 types of problems you… Read more

7 Types Of Profit And Loss Problems To Gain Easy Marks In Bank Exams

Dear Reader, below are 7 types of profit and loss problems which you will often find in bank exams. Though some types look difficult at first, you can solve them easily by using simple formulas. Don’t forget to attend online… Read more

Partnership Problems: 3 Types You Should Know For Your Bank Exam

In this tutorial, you will find 3 easy to difficult types of partnership problems with detailed solutions. If you get doubts, use comments section at the bottom. If you know ratios topic well, you can easily solve partnership problems. If… Read more

Score Easy In 4 Types Of Simple Interest And Compound Interest Problems In Bank Exams

Dear Reader, do you want to score well in simple interest and compound interest problems in bank exams? This article is for you. After reading this tutorial, you can attend the online practice test. But before the test, here is… Read more

Which 4 Types Of Ratio And Proportion Problems Are Important For Bank Exams (3rd Type Is Interesting)

Dear Reader, below are 4 types of ratio problems you can expect in SBI and IBPS exams. Among these, 3rd type is really interesting and may be new to you. Each type is explained with example. As always, do not… Read more

3 Easy Types Of Age Problems In Which You Should Not Miss Even One Mark

Dear Reader, age problems are usually very easy to solve and score in bank exams. If you understand them well, they are so easy that you will not lose even a single mark in this section. Below you will find… Read more

Which 3 Types Of Clock Problems Are Important For Bank Exams

Dear Reader, if you want to solve clock problems fast, you should learn thoroughly the below 3 types of problems (that you can expect in bank exams). Following the tutorial, you will find a short online practice test with 3… Read more

Which 5 Types Of Average Problems You Can Expect In Bank Exams (And How To Solve Them)

Dear Reader, do you want to know important types of average problems you can expect in bank exams? You will find those below… At the end of this tutorial, you will find a short practice test with 5 problems to… Read more

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