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Current Affairs Questions To Prepare For IBPS Exams

Dear Reader, Below are given current affairs questions for your preparation.

Question 1

_______ singed a loan agreement of $ 300 Millon with ADB for supporting National Urban Mission (NUHM).

a) China

b) Japan

c) India

d) Germany

Answer : c) India

Note : ADB - Asian Development Bank

Question 2

World Hepatitis Day was observed on _____.

a) 28th July 2015

b) 25th July 2015

c) 28th Jun 2015

d) 2nd Aug 2015

Answer : a) 28th July 2015

Note : The theme of the 2015 is Prevent hepatitis. Act now.

Question 3

How many Indians are there in the Ramon Magsaysay Awardees for the year 2015?

a) One

b) Two

c) Four

d) None of these

Answer: b) Two

Note : Sanjiv Chaturvedi and Anshu Gupta are the two Indians among the awardees.

Question 4

Ramon Magsaysay Award will be presented on 31st August 2015 at ______.

a) Manila, Philippines

b) Moscow, Russia

c) New York, USA

d) Berlin, Germany

Answer : a) Manila, Philippines

Question 5

International Tiger Day was observed on ______.

a) 28th July 2015

b) 30th July 2015

c) 29th July 2015

d) 20th July 2015

Answer : c) 29th July 2015

Question 6

According to UN World Population Prospects : The 2015 Revision reports, _____ to become most populous nation by 2022.

a) India

b) China

c) Kenya

d) Russia

Answer : a) India

Question 7

Mobile banking app named Kotak Bharat was launched by ______ .

a) Karur Vysya Bank

b) Kotak Mahindra Bank

c) Karanataka Bank

d) Dhanlaxmi Bank

Answer : b) Kotak Mahindra Bank

Question 8

A lamp named SALt, that runs eight hours on water and two tablespoons of salt was developed in ___.

a) Germany

b) Japan

c) Philippiness

d) China

Answer : c) Philippiness

Note : SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting).

Question 9

RBI decided to issue 10 rupees coins to recall the ______.

a) International Day for Biological Diversity

b) International Mother Earth Day

c) International Day of Peace

d) International Day of Yoga

Answer : d) International Day of Yoga

Question 10

The first city to host both the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics is ______.

a) Athens

b) Beijing

c) Tokyo

d) Sydney

Answer : b) Beijing

Question 11

Prabhroop Sekhon, a 14-year-old Lucknow boy has won two gold medals at Special OlympicsWold Games held at ____ .

a) Lagos, Nigeria

b) London, UK

c) Bangkok, Thailand

d) Los Angeles, USA

Answer : d) Los Angeles, USA

Question 12

On 31st July,Tamil Nadu Government introduced _________ in the name of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

a) Race for Opportunity Award

b) Global Award for Excellence

c) Youth Award

d) eCommerce Award for Excellence

Answer : c) Youth Award

Question 13

The First National Handloom Day was observed on ______.

a) 4 August 2015

b) 7 August 2015

c) 5 July 2015

d) None of these

Answer : b) 7 August 2015

Note : National Handloom Day was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chennai.

Question 14

At 6th Senior ART Gymnastics Asian Championships 2015, Bronze medal was won by _____.

a) Dipa Karmakar

b) Megan Roberts

c) Oksana Chusovitina

d) Ellia Black

Answer : a) Dipa Karmakar

Question 15

Delhi Police launched ______ to teach lesson to eve-teasers.

a) Operation Block Party

b) Operation Rapier Thrust

c) Operation Shishtachar

d) Operation Seahorse

Answer : c) Operation Shishtachar

Question 16

Who was appointed as Acting Chieft Jusice of Patna High Court?

a) Justice Navin Sinha

b) Justice K. Sreedhar Rao

c) Justice Ashok Bhushan

d) Justice Iqbal Ahmed Ansari

Answer : d) Justice Iqbal Ahmed Ansari

Question 17

'SAMANVAY' for Gram Panchayats was launched by ____.

a) Home Affairs Minister

b) Rural Development Minister

c) Human Resource Minister

d) Information & Broadcasting Minister

Answer : b) Rural Development Minister

Question 18

Who has awarded with Poland's Solidarity Prize 2015?

a) Zhanna Nemtsova

b) Mustafa Dzhemilev

c) Carl Gershman

d) Mary Robinson

Answer : a) Zhanna Nemtsova

Question 19

Ramanujan Prize 2015 was won by _____.

a) James Maynard

b) Mathematician Amalendu Krishna

c) Kashinath Singh

d) Manjul Bhargava

Answer : b) Mathematician Amalendu Krishna

Question 20

______ government deceided to rename UPTU as APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) Bihar

c) Uttar Pradesh

d) Maharashtra

Answer: c) Uttar Pradesh

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