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Prepare Current Affairs Questions For IBPS PO Exams

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Below are given current affairs questions.

Question 1

Gitanjali, the collection of poems by Rabindranath Tagore was released in 14 languages by ______.

a) Narendra Modi

b) Naveen Patnaik

c) Mamata Banerjee

d) Akhilesh Yadav

Answer : c) Mamata Banerjee

Question 2

On 8 Aug 2013, The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology inaugurated Data Portal of India in ______.

a) New Delhi

b) Mumbai

c) Bangalore

d) Pune

Answer : a) New Delhi

Question 3

On 6 Aug 2013, Japan launched its biggest warship since World War II called ______.

a) Ambrose

b) Izumo

c) Marlborough

d) Viperous

Answer : b) Izumo

Question 4

The first Indian women to enter Semi Finals of World Badminton Championship is ______.

a) Saina Nehwal

b) Lena Frier Kristiansen

c) Sindhu

d) Lindaweni Fanetri

Answer : c) Sindhu

Question 5

The World Police and Fire Games 2013 was held in_______.

a) Berlin, Germany

b) Paris, France

c) Helsinki, Finland

d) Belfast, England

Answer : d) Belfast, England

Note : Indian Police Wrestlers won five gold, four silver and bronze medal in the World Police and Fire Games.

Question 6

Who has won Gujar Mal Modi Award for Science and Technology 2013?

a) Merceds Richards

b) Vinod Prakash Sharma

c) Prof. Palle Rama

d) Prof. Asis Datta

Answer : b) Vinod Prakash Sharma

Note : He received the award for his contribution in the field of basic and applied research of Malaria and Vector Biology.

Question 7

On 11 Aug 2013, The first Cyber Forensic Laboratory (CFL) of India was established in ______.

a) Pune

b) Bangalore

c) West Bengal

d) Tripura

Answer : d) Tripura

Note : CFL of India was established in Tripura High Court.

Question 8

Prem Bhatia Memorial award 2013 was given to ______.

a) Shekhar Gupta

b) Shobha De

c) Shalini Singh

d) Girilal Jain

Answer : c) Shalini Singh

Note : Shalini Singh is a Deputy Editor of The Hindu.

Question 9

International Youth Day is celebrated on ______.

a) 1 Aug

b) 12 Aug

c) 15 Aug

d) 12 June

Answer : b) 12 Aug

Note : The theme for 2013 is Youth Migration : Moving Development Forward.

Question 10

On 12 Aug 2013, India launched Aircraft carrier INS Vikarant in ______.

a) Bangalore

b) Hyderabad

c) Kochi

d) Pune

Answer : c) Kochi

Question 11

Which state became the first to disburse salary through Aadhaar linked Bank Accounts?

a) Andhra Pradesh

b) Maharashtra

c) Karnataka

d) Tamil Nadu

Answer : b) Maharashtra

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