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4 Computer Hardware Basic Questions

Dear Reader,

Given are 4 basic questions on computer hardware.

Question 1
Regarding computer hardware devices, a microprocessor comes under _____ class of devices.

a. CPU
b. I/O
c. Printing
d. Scan
e. None of the above.

Answer : a. CPU

A microprocessor is a central processing unit which can perform arithmetic and logic operations as well as execute instructions.

Question 2
Unit time in which data can be read from or written to a memory storage device is referred to as _______.

a. Efficiency
b. Effectiveness
c. Throughput
d. Waiting Time
e. Clock Period.

Answer : c. Throughput

Throughput is the performance measure of the time it takes to read or write data to a device.

Question 3
Which of the following is not directly related to Integrated Chips or ICs used in computers?

a. Magnetic Tape storage
b. Microprocessor
c. CPU
d. Control Unit
e. Arithmetic Unit

Answer: a. Magnetic Tape Storage

Microprocessor is a CPU and both involve the use of ICs. Control and Arithmetic units are parts of CPU and hence implemented in ICs.

Magnetic tape storage is the odd option.

Question 4
Pick the odd man out.

a. Printer.
b. Optical mouse.
c. Mouse.
d. Keyboard.
e. Joystick.

Answer: a. Printer

Printer is an Output device while all the other options can be used to Input data to computer.

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