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Area Problems Solved Questions For IBPS, SBI and Other Bank Exams - Page 1

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Area Problems Solved Questions (Page 1 of 7)

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Below you will find important solved questions of age problems. These questions will help you in preparation for all bank exams including IBPS, SBI, RRB and other banks.

Question 1

If the sides of a square are 'a' units long is increased by 40% then the extra area (in unit2) covered by the square is :
a) (24/25)a2 b) a2 /25 c) (7/5)a2 d) none of these

Answer: a) (24/25)a2


Let the side of a square = a units
Then the original area = a2 unit2
Length of the new square = 140/100 x a = 7a/5 unit2
Then the area of new square = 49a2 / 25 unit2.
Now, the extra area covered by the square = area of new square - the original area
49a2 / 25 unit2 - a2 unit2 =24a2 / 25 unit2.

Hence the answer is (24/25)a2

Question 2

If the breadth of a rectangle with area A is increased by 20% and B is the difference between the area of the two rectangles then which of the following is true?
a) A = 5B b) 5B = A c) A=B d) A=2B

Answer: b) 5B = A

Let the length of the rectangle be l and breadth be b.
then the original area of the rectangle = A = lb....(1)

Now, the length of the new rectangle is l
And, the breadth of the new rectangle = 120/100 x b = 6b/5
Then, the area of the new one = (6/5)lb
Therefore, the difference between two rectangles = B = (6/5)lb - lb = (1/5)lb...(2)
From (1) and (2),
B = (1/5)A
5B = A

Hence the answer is option b.

Question 3

A rectangle is made from a square of 1 unit long by increasing one pair of opposite sides by 20% then the area of the rectangle is :
a) 6/5 unit2 b)1/5 unit2 c)6 unit2 d)5 unit2

Answer: a) 6/5 unit2

Let the side of the square = a = 1 unit
Then the length of the rectangle = side of the square after increasing = l
l = 120a/100 = 6a/5 = 6/5 (since a = 1)
l = 6/5 and breadth b = a = 1
Then the area of the rectangle = lb = 6/5 x 1 unit2
Hence the answer is 6/5 unit2.

Question 4

The pair of opposite side of a rectangle is increased and decreased by 20% and 10% respectively then the area of the rectangle is increased or decreased by;
a)10% b)20% c)28% d)8%

Answer: d) 8%


Let the original length = L
and the original breadth = B
Then the area = LB

New length = 120/100 x L = 12L/10
New breadth = 90/100 x B = 9B/10
New area = 12L/10 x 9B/10 = 108LB/100
increase in area = 108LB/100 - LB = 8LB/100
Then increase percentage = 8LB/100 / LB x 100 = 8%
Hence the answer is 8%

Area Problems Solved Questions (Page 1 of 7)

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