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Bank Computer Awareness Questions

Dear Reader,
Below are given 5 computer questions.

Question 1
________ allows a website to identify and collect information about the every user who visits the site.

a) IP Address

b) Cache

c) Cookie

d) Database

Answer : c) Cookie

Question 2
A Set of instructions that tells the computer what to do is called ________.

a) Hardware

b) Program

c) Compiler

d) Interpreter

Answer : b) Program

Question 3
Software that blocks the threats or unauthorized sites is _______.

a) Firewall

b) Firefox

c) Anti Virus

d) None of these

Answer : a) Firewall

Question 4
Expansion for WORM _______.

a) Write Only, Read Memory

b) Write Out, Read Many

c) Write Output, Read Many

d) Write Once, Read Many

Answer : d) Write Once, Read Many

Question 5
In Computer language (.) Dot symbol is represented as ______.

a) Division

b) Period

c) Currency

d) All the above

Answer : b) Period

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