Crack IBPS PO 2017: 2 Recent Types Of Simplification Problems


Dear Reader, IBPS PO exams are starting very soon! (In 5 months tentatively). Below tutorial will help you for sure.

You already know simplification is an important topic for bank exams. In this post, you will find two types of problems asked in previous year PO exam.

Example For Type 1:
Find the number in place of the question mark:
? / 676.03 = 1295.6 / ?

We can approximate 676.03 as 676 and 1295.6 as 1296. Therefore, the given equation can be simplified as:

?2 = 1296 x 676
Or ? = square root of (1296 x 676)
= square root of (1296) x square root of (676)
= 36 x 26
= 936

Therefore, the answer is 936.

Tip: Remember squares of numbers up to 50 to solve such problems easily.

Example For Type 2:
Find the number in place of the question mark:
? = square root of (0.25 x 0.36) x 1/30

This type was surprisingly easy (in last year exams). Only one thing you have to know to solve such problems is the correct placement of decimal point in square roots.

Now let us solve the above problem.

square root of (0.25 x 0.36) x 1/30
= square root of (0.25) x square root of (0.36) x 1/30
= 0.5 x 0.6 x 1/30
= 0.30 x 1/30
= 0.01

Therefore, the answer is 0.01.

IBPS Exams 2017 are beginning in 4-5 months from now (PO in Oct and RRB in Oct). Prepare fast and well to make use of the big opportunity. All the best.

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