IBPS PO In Oct: 3 Tips For Last-Minute Practice

IBPS PO Practice Tips

Dear Reader,

IBPS PO starts in October (in just about 2 months!). You would have already begun your preparation. However, the time being less between the notification and the exam may be a concern for you. You have to balance between learning and practicing in this last-minute rush. You may be concerned about how you are going to practice questions when there are hardly two months for the exam. Below 3 tips will help you.

Tip 1: Practice Only Difficult Questions
Whichever book you are using for your preparation, you shouldn’t try to practice every single question in every chapter. Be choosy about the questions you select to practice on paper. Don’t choose easy questions as well as those problems which you are confident of solving. Select only those problems which appear difficult. This approach will not only save your time but will raise your confidence levels.

Tip2: Don’t Touch Your Pen Before Revising Concepts
Solving questions without a strong knowledge of the concepts may drag your time while solving. Hence, before you take your pen to solve questions from a chapter, never forget to revise the concepts and formulas. Being strong in concepts will save a plenty of time while practicing. Instead, if you turn pages to look for concepts or formula before practicing every question, you may be wasting too much time. The simple rule is this: Revise Concepts First, Practice Questions Later. Never do those two things at the same time.

Tip3: Take At least 2 Mock Tests Every Week
Mock tests are very effective in the last minute. They have several benefits. They not only raise your confidence levels before the exams, but help you improve your time management skills. You will get a feel of the real exams, and you can come to rough mental calculation on the amount of time you have to allocate to every type of question.

Hopefully, the above 3 tips are helping you. All the very best.

IBPS PO begins in 2 months (October). RRB begins in 1 month (September). Prepare fast and well to make use of the big opportunity. All the best.

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