How Many Bank Openings In 2018?


Dear Bank Job Aspirant,
Bank jobs are the most preferred govt jobs in India. Every year, we are witnessing huge openings in banking sector. Do you want to know how many openings you can expect in 2018? You will see in a while…

We can estimate the number of openings in 2018 using 2 types of data. One, the last year openings in IBPS, SBI and other banks. The second data is the reports in newspapers and media.

One another strong factor in 2018 is going to be the massive retirements. This is a decade of retirements in the banking sector. Almost every bank is in a need to refill the positions for smooth operations. Hence, you should be positive about the opportunities and work hard towards your dreams. And, do you want to know our estimate for 2018…

We expect the openings to be over 25,000. One of the reasons for this number is this. In last 12 months, over 27,000 openings were filled through IBPS, SBI and other exams. Every year, the bank openings usually increase or remain steady. Hence, this year, the magical number is expected to be easily over 25,000.

All the best for upcoming bank exams in 2018. Study hard and study with confidence towards your dreams.

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