GK for Bank Exams: 25 Popular Stock Indices And Countries


Dear Reader, You know that general knowledge is important for all competitive exams. Below you will find a list of well-known stock indices and the respective countries. 

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S. No Stock Exchange Index Country
1 Austrian Traded Index (ATX) Austria
2 Dhaka Stock Exchange Board Index (DSEX) Bangladesh
3 Indice de Precio Selectivo de Acciones (IPSA) Chile
4 PX Index Czech Republic
5 Deutscher Aktien Index (DAX) Germany
6 FTSE/Athex Large Cap Greece
7 Hang Seng Index Hong kong
8 Budapest Stock Index (BUX) Hungary
9 NIFTY 50 Index India
10 TSE All-Share Price Index (TEPIX) Iran
11 ISEQ Overall Index Ireland
12 Tel Aviv (TA) 100 Index  Israel
13 LuxX Index Luxembourg
14 Tokyo Stock Price Index (Topix) Japan
15 Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) 20 Share Index Kenya
16 Maldives Stock Exchange Index (MASIX) Maldives
17 Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Index Nepal
18 NZX 50 Index (NZ50) New Zealand
19 Muscat Securities Market(MSM) 30 Index Oman
20 Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) 100 Index Paksitan
21 Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Index Philippines
22 Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) Index Poland
23 Portuguese Stock Index (PSI) Portuguese
24 Taiwan Capitalization Weighted Stock Index (TAIEX) Taiwan
25 Indice Bursatil de Capitalizacion (IBC) Venezuela

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