Below this introduction, you will find links to tutorial topics. Currently, you will find 17 chapters under quantitative aptitude section, 12 topics under general reasoning, 7 topics under banking awareness, 4 topics under computer awareness and 5 topics under general awareness. We will be updating new sections as well as new topics (under sections) regularly.

Under each topic, you will find different types of problems that you can expect in exams. Sufficient examples will help you to understand clearly. At the end of each tutorial, you will find short practice test.

Quantitative Aptitude:

Reasoning Ability:

Banking Awareness:

Computer Awareness:

General Awareness:

List of Tutorials:

General Awareness: Know Headquarters of 45 International Organisations

Dear Reader, the bank exams have become more difficult nowadays. But there are few topics which are important and can be learnt within a short period. In past exams, there were a few questions on International Organisations and its headquarters…. Read more

Banking Awareness: 20 Terminologies You Should Never Forget

Dear Reader, being a bank job aspirant, you should have a good knowledge about basic banking terminologies. These banking terminologies are frequently asked in bank exams. Knowing these terms will not only help you during the examination but will also… Read more

General Knowledge: List of Chief Ministers & Governors in 29 States in India

Dear Reader, knowing heads of States is a crucial piece of knowledge as far as general awareness is concerned. You can always expect questions from areas like this. There is a caution while learning topics similar to this. You should… Read more

General Awareness: 30 Must-Know Facts From Rio Olympics 2016

Dear Reader, Rio Olympic games just got concluded. In this post, you will find 30 must-know facts that will help you improve your general awareness. In the end, you will find a short practice test with 5 questions. Rio Olympics… Read more

General Awareness: For IBPS, Never Miss These 20 July Facts

Dear Reader, many of you are busy with preparation for IBPS exams. In this article, we are presenting vital GK facts from July 2016. By spending just 5 to 10 minutes, you will be able to memorize the below list…. Read more

Banking Awareness: Do You Know 12 Types of Cheques

Dear Reader, cheques are an integral part of banking. Cheques are safe means of transacting amounts between payer and payee. To improve your banking awareness, you should know about the types and key definitions regarding cheques. In the end, you… Read more

Banking Awareness: 20 Important Facts About SBI

Dear Reader, You already know State Bank of India is the largest bank in our country. Below are 20 important facts which every Indian must know. In the end, you will find a short practice test with 5 questions. (Note:… Read more

Know CEOs & MDs of 43 Banks

Dear Reader, there are some questions that you can score easily. List of names of key persons in banks is one such topic. You would remember that a few days back we posted an article on Headquarters & Tag line… Read more

Know 20 Important Facts About International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Dear Reader, You can learn about another important topic on Banking Sector. This information will help you in banking awareness section. At the end, you will find a short practice test with 5 questions. IMF is an international organisation, also… Read more

General Knowledge: 20 Longest & Largest in the World – Part I

Dear Reader, You know general knowledge is important for all competitive exams. Below you will find a list of 20 largest & longest in the world. (This list falls under ‘static general knowledge’). At the end, you will find a… Read more

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