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Computer Awareness Question For Bank

Below are given 5 computer questions which you can expect in bank exams.

Question 1
In C an array with three subscript is known as ______.

a) One dimensional array

b) Two dimensional array

c) Three dimensional array

d) Multi dimensional array

Answer : c) Three dimensional array

Question 2
History panel in browser is used to _____

a) displays the url of the pages visited

b) displays new website names

c) displays best website url's

d) All The Above

Answer : a) displays the url of the pages visited

Question 3
The process of translating high level language into machine level language line by line is done by ________.

a) Compiler

b) Interpreter

c) Assembler

d) Translator

Answer : b) Interpreter

Question 4
Expand USB ________.

a) Universal Serial Bus

b) Universe Serial Bus

c) Universal Series Bus

d) Universe Series Bus

Answer : a) Universal Serial Bus

Question 5
Images are stored in ______ format .

a) doc

b) ppt

c) jpg

d) rtf

Answer : c) jpg

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