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Computer Basics Awareness Questions For SBI

Dear Reader,
Below are given basic computer awareness question for your practice which you can expect in SBI and other bank exams.

Question 1

The prime purpose of using single printer for all computers in a network is to ___ .

a) reduce costs (single printer saves cost over multiple printers)
b) improve efficiency
c) improve throughput time
d) enable centralized management of the printer
e) none of the above

Answer : a) reduce costs.

Question 2

When one or more programs do not respond for a long time, which key combination is used to invoke task manager to terminate the program.

a) Ctrl + Alt + Enter
b) Ctrl + Alt + Delete
c) Space + Alt + Enter
d) Shift + Alt + Delete

Answer : b) Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Question 3

Which of the following file extension cannot be used to hold text ?

a) .doc
b) .txt
c) .docx
d) .mp3
e) none of the above

Answer : d) .mp3

mp3 format is used to store multimedia and not text files.

Question 4

Text in newspaper columns can be __ to make the text align smoothly along left and right margins.

a) left aligned
b) right aligned
c) center aligned
d) justified
e) none of the above

Answer : d) justified.

Question 5

Which of the following is not a part of Microsoft Office ?

a) Office
b) Word
c) Powerpoint
d) Control Panel

Answer : d) Control Panel

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