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Questions On Storage Devices

Below are 4 simple questions based on storage devices used in computers and other devices.

1. Which of the following storage devices is very cost effective and is widely used for data backups by large corporations?

a) CD
b) DVD
c) Magnetic Tapes
d) Floppy Discs
e) Holograms

Answer : c) Magnetic Tapes

2. Compact Discs which we widely use today are a type of ___

a) Optical Discs
b) Magnetic Tapes
c) Flash Drives
d) Holographic Devices
e) None of the above

Answer : a) Optical Discs

3. Which of the following storage devices has no rotating/moving parts that ensures greater durability compared with other devices?

a) Flash Drive
b) CD
c) DVD
d) Both a,b and c
e) None of a,b and c

Answer : a) Flash Drive

4. Which of the following devices is widely used in modern digital cameras to store photographs

a) CD
b) USB Flash Drive
c) Memory Card
d) DVD
e) None

Answer : c) Memory Card

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