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SBI Computer Awareness Questions

Dear Reader,

Below are 5 simple questions dealing with computer architecture and related basic concepts.

Question 1
Which of the following goes through every line of program code line by line and converts into machine code for execution?

d.none of the above

Answer : b. interpreter

Question 2
Which of the following is a not an intented use of non volatile memory devices?

a. primary storage
b. long term persistent memory
c. back up huge volumes of data
d. retain data when power is switched off

Answer : a. primary storage

Question 3
Which of the following is not a reference of computer's main memory?

a. RAM
b. primary storage
c. disk storage
d. all of the above

Answer : c. disk storage

Question 4
If G refers to 1 gigabyte, K refers to 1 kilobyte and M refers to 1 megabyte, find the correct decreasing order from the following.

a. M > K > G
b. G > M > K
c. G > K > M
d. M > G > K

Answer : b. G > M > K

Question 5
What is the term used to describe the process of program being moved back and forth between main memory and secondary memory?

a. Swapping
b. Dotting
c. Assembling
d. Swaying

Answer : a. Swapping

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